Villar del Arzobispo

These lands were inhabited during the Bronze Age, also by the Iberians and the Romans (who owes its current name, El Villar = Group of Villages), the proof is the numerous finds belonging to these civilizations. The Arabs also settled (to them should their first name, Benaduf = “the one who plays the tambourine”, derived from the Berber tribe that settled here) . Lately, Jaime I donated village to D. Fernando Díaz in 1236, depending on the Baronía de Andilla, until in 1300 became part of the Baronía de Chulilla so the was included in the Mitra Valentica heritage.

Its Archbishop’s Palace was proposed to Emperor Charles V as a residence to cure their disease. It bears the nickname “Archbishop” because the May 7, 1795 granted it to King Charles IV and got the title of Real Villa. During the Carlist wars in the XIX century, the whole church tower and palace was the headquarters of the Carlist troops. In the Spanish civil war it was the rearward of the troops of Teruel and worked as an hospital and military airport. Throughout the centuries the growth of the town was due to intense work activies from the nearest lands (mostly outside its limits).